Who has benefited from our work?

Case Studies

Over the years we have worked with a range of people, predominantly via universities and outreach programmes to tackle social issues such as obesity.

Previous Campaigns

Girls on the Move (Scotland)

This programme was created with funding from the Scottish Executive and the Robertson Trust to help encourage girls from ‘hard-to-reach’ sections of society into different forms of physical activity.

The programme was set up to help these girls overcome the key barriers to their participation in activity, whilst allowing for a large volume of research and evaluation into the creation of future programmes that could help to encourage their participation in future school-based sport and physical activities.

GOALS programme

In 2004 Nicola established a unique family-based approach to obesity treatment in association with Alder Hey hospital. This highlighted the role of the family alongside the inclusion of cognitive behaviour techniques within a treatment programme.

Nicola established the programme in Liverpool to incorporate three fundamental elements: behaviour; nutrition and physical activity. The programme ran successfully for ten years changing lives and preventing lifelong disease.

Street Games/US Girls programme

Nicola recently worked with Street Games on their Us Girls programme. Nicola spent time with girls from across the UK who were participating in the programme as well as the sports leaders and coaches.

Nicola evaluated the project and provided training resources for those working with young girls and women to enhance their participation in physical activity and their physical activity experiences.

Live Campaigns

Environmental Prompts Pilot - Kirklees Council and Heart Research UK

We have joined forces with Kirklees Council in Huddersfield and Heart Research UK to conduct the very first pilot scheme using a unique set of environmental prompts created exclusively by CP Active.

Whilst there have been previous academic trials using environmental prompts, none have been as comprehensive or focused on the design of the prompts themselves. CP Active are conducting the pilot in the Huddersfield area, using several locations targeting different sections of the local community.

The pilot is due to be completed towards the end of 2016 and will be properly academically evaluated. CP Active will use the findings from the pilot to assess how prompts can be designed to encourage communities to be active as part of their daily lives.